This unpronounceable oil contains unlimited benefits for your skin and hair

We live in a world of limitless personal products. From essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy candles to plant-based skincare regimens and wrinkle-erasing moisturizers, the self-care aisle at your local grocery store can be overwhelming (and that’s nowhere near the incredible selection of products available online). But even if you’re not in the know when it comes to hair and skin care, ungurahua oil benefits can change your life.

What is ungurahua oil?

Like so many recent skin and hair care regimen products, ungurahua oil comes from the Amazon. Women in tribes throughout South America have been enjoying ungurahua oil benefits for centuries, and thanks to technology and travel, now you can, too.

Ungurahua oil comes from fruit. The Seje palm tree produces a couple of bunches of fruit a year, and inside each fruit are a startling number of seeds (between 40% and 60% of each fruit is seed). Traditionally, the fruit is boiled, smashed, and boiled again to release the valuable oils within the kernels, but thanks to modern technology and machinery, the fruit can be quickly crushed and the oil easily extracted.


What does ungurahua oil look like, feel like, smell like?

Ungurahua oil is usually light green or yellow, and, lucky for people with sensitive noses, it doesn’t have much of a smell. Ungurahua oil contains a large percentage of fatty acids, but although it doesn’t taste bad, you won’t get the best ungurahua oil benefits if you’re just eating it.

You can use ungurahua oils in nearly any way you choose: most ungurahua oils are sold in bottles of pure ungurahua oil for use on your hair or on your skin. You can also purchase ungurahua oil in a mixture of other essential oils depending on your needs (and if you want a splash of added scent or extra moisture, a mix might be the right route for you).

What are the major ungurahua oil benefits?

When it comes to ungurahua oil benefits, it’s all about the hair (and skin and nails). Ungurahua oil helps your scalp to regenerate the cells of your follicles, which improves scalp circulation and can help to cure scalp itching, hair thinning, dandruff, and overall hair loss. Who doesn’t want that?

Ungurahua oil doesn’t just make your scalp healthier, it can make your hair thicker, stronger, and smoother. The ungurahua oil benefits don’t end there: it can even protect your hair from being damaged by your favorite hair styling tools, like straighteners and hair dryers. It can also help your hair grow faster, due to its high percentage of linoleic acid.

Ungurahua oil benefits your skin just as much as it does your hair. Since the oil is so full of omega-9 fatty acids, ungurahua oil will give your skin the moisture-rich tone and flexibility that everyone is looking for. Not only will it make your skin look wonderful, ungurahua oil can also help your skin stave off infection, eczema, and other dry-skin issues.

Ungurahua oil will give your skin that moisture-rich tone and flexibility that everyone is looking for

And that’s not all. Another major ungurahua oil benefit is to your hands and nails. Ungurahua oil has the perfect combination and balance of proteins and vitamins to keep your nails strong, long, and beautiful.

Ungurahua oil might literally change your life. By applying it to your hair, skin, and/or hands daily, weekly, or even only occasionally, you will be giving your body the extra moisture it needs to allow you to live your best life.

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