You don’t have to do all those crazy yoga poses you see on Instagram to get the benefits of yoga. In fact, many yoga poses are underrated simply because they don’t look as cool. From stretching to balance to relaxation, these five simple poses provide great health benefits and you don’t have to be a master yogi.

The Easiest Pose Is Also The Best For Your Body

Child’s Pose is a yoga move for beginners and experts alike. Just because it’s easy does not mean it doesn’t have its benefits. Child’s Pose has the power to calm the mind, aid in digestion, open up the hips, and elongate your lower back. It should be incorporated into all yoga practices for all of those wonderful effects on the body and mind.

Spread Your Yoga Wings And Soar

The simple Butterfly Pose has plenty of modifications to make it more challenging, but sometimes the path of least resistance is the best option. Despite its simplicity, getting into Butterfly Pose provides an opportunity to stretch your inner thigh, back, and hip muscles, which are problem areas for many people.

Defying Gravity

While it certainly doesn’t look glamorous, Legs Up The Wall Pose provides a number of benefits and should not be forgotten in yoga practice. The pose requires you to lift your legs into the air, allowing gravity to move your blood and lymphatic fluid from the hips and legs to the head and heart. It also can provide relief from tension in the back and neck.

Twist And Shout

Any kind of yoga twist is good for easing anxiety, but the Supine Twist, in particular, is great for the body in many other ways. This twist stretches the glutes and back, realigns the spine, tones muscles in the waist, increases digestive health, and strengthens abdominal muscles. The best part is that it does all this while you’re lying down.

Hold Your Core Tight When You Tiptoe

The Tiptoe pose is not only great for balance, but it’s also a good way to lose weight by exercising both your legs and your core. It is not quite as easy as the other yoga moves in this list, but most beginners usually find they can handle it.