Worst Day

Houston Defender

For a school district in Colorado, classes will never be in session on Mondays. The district will launch its four day school week this year. Why?

Why Cancel Mondays?

Like many other districts across the country, District 27J of Colorado has been forced to reach standards of excellence on a stagnant budget. By dropping a day, here is what is accomplished: While the budget does not increase, the number of students increases, wages for teachers and faculty increases, and the amount of technology necessary for the classroom also increases

The district has been backing a referendum to increase it’s funding from local government for the past six years, but the referendum has never been successful. This year, the district decided to take things into its own hands by loping a day off of the school week.

The Projected Impact

By removing school buses from the roads for a day, the district saves money on gas, wear and tear, and bus driver wages. Closing for an extra day also saves on utilities. Since Monday is the most popular day for requiring substitutes, this will also decrease the funds needed for substitute teachers.

The move is an incentive for teachers to work for the district and affords teachers more time for planning.

What About Parents?

Working parents make up the group that is likely the least ecstatic about this idea. Obviously, area businesses are not going to excuse parents from work on Mondays because of the new school schedule.

To defray the economic impact this move will have on families, the school district has funded a $30 per day childcare program. If this initiative does bring about monetary benefits for the school, a better work-life for teachers, and better education for students without putting an undue burden on parents, school districts across the country may follow suit.