Greatest Stretch

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Sitting has been proven to be just as unhealthy as smoking. While the World’s Greatest Stretch may not reverse all the effects of too much sitting, it targets the muscles that get either overused or underused from sitting. Josh Stolz, a fitness trainer, has created another stretch to supplement that stretch.

How To Stretch

To complete what Stolz refers to as the Worlds Second Greatest Stretch, you should start by standing up straight. With the back still straight, slowly push the glutes back. Take one foot off the ground and bend the knees slightly.

Slowly bring the lifted foot across the opposite knee so that the ankle rests on the opposite knee, which should still be slightly bent. Once balance has been achieved in that pose, extend the arms so that the thumbs are back to back and the arms are at shoulder level. The stretch should be held for at least twelve but no more than sixteen seconds. Finally, do the same thing on the opposite leg.

What Are The Benefits

This stretch helps to refreshingly rejuvenate the legs and glutes. Since this stretch is held for so long and involves squatting, its effects can be felt deep in the glutes and even into the piriformis muscles.

The stretch also provides relief for the rotator cups of the hips and the surrounding muscles, which can get very tight from too much sitting, walking, or leg exercises.

Making The Most Of It

In its purest form, this stretch is all about slow, gradual movements to gently stretch and open up the lower body. For an even more relaxed stretch, you can balance on a wall.

For a more dynamic stretch, you can include a lunge in between leg changes. Try this, and you might get a new favorite stretch.