When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to try to save time by jumping right to your workout, but this is a bad idea. If you skip warming up, you’ll risk hurting yourself. A warm-up not only loosens your muscles so they’re ready to get worked out, but it gets your heart rate up and makes your joints more mobile. These five warm-up moves are the perfect way to get any workout routine started.

Ease In With Arm Circles

To get your arms and shoulders loose and your joints warm, start with these easy arm circles. Begin with your feet shoulder distance apart and arms loosely to your sides. Now start moving your arms in big circles. Do about eight circles forward, then reverse and do the same backward.

Hug Your Knees Like You Love Them

This warm-up gets your quads and hip flexors ready for action. Place your feet hip-distance apart. Bring your left knee up to your chest and hug it, holding there for two seconds. Repeat with the right leg. Now grab your left ankle behind you and stretch your quad, keeping the knee pointing downward and the thigh and hip in a straight line. Repeat with the right ankle. Alternate these moves ten times.

Jumping Jacks Made It Past The Third Grade

Jumping jacks warm up your whole body while getting your heart rate and body temperature up too. Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides. Bend your knees just a bit and jump on the balls of your feet, landing with your feet wide apart. While that jump is happening, raise your arms over your head. Now jump back to the starting position, lowering your arms to your sides at the same time. Do this for 30 seconds.

Don’t Forget To Do Your Squats

Get your glutes, hamstrings, and quads ready by doing some squats. Stand up straight with your legs separated, feet under your shoulders, toes pointing slightly out. Keep your hands at your chest. Now bend your knees and move as if you were about to sit down. Your butt should be around the height of your knees and your chest out. Return to opening position slowly and steadily. Repeat 15 times.

It Doesn’t Get More Dynamic Than This Hamstring Stretch

This warm-up gets your shoulders mobile while stretching your chest and hamstrings. Stand up tall, feet below your hips. Step your left foot slightly forward and flex your foot back toward your body while moving your hips back and keeping your back flat. Now lower your arms until you almost touch the ground and move them in a circular motion while your left foot moves back into starting position. Repeat on the other side. Continue for 30 seconds.