2019 has finally arrived, and many people are still working out their resolutions. A classic New Year’s resolution for many is to get back in shape. However, the end result may be up to the ever-changing landscape of fitness trends as much as willpower. Here are five interesting trends that you can expect to see in the upcoming year.

Can’t Feel My Face

There’s a strong possibility that you’ve never heard of a face gym before. In 2016, FaceGym became the first gym designed to strengthen your facial muscles. Originally based in the U.K., they recently opened a gym in New York City. With a rise in interest, you can expect gyms to focus more on your face.

Run With The Pack

Sometimes, you don’t want to go at it alone during a workout. Over the years, group workouts at the gym have been gaining a rise in popularity. If you don’t have any friends to join you, you’re in luck. Finding workout partners online has led to great results and newly formed friendships.

Young At Heart

If you’ve gone to the gym lately, you’ve noticed more older people getting into shape. Even at their age, working out can do wonders for their body. Fitness programs for the elderly have been slowly being introduced in gyms. This year, you can expect more gyms catering to the older crowd.

On Your Time

For those always too busy for the gym, online workouts are more prevalent than ever. Much like workout DVDs of the past, this offers you the chance to workout any time. While there’s free videos online, the ones with the highest satisfaction rate are in paid subscriptions. Beachbody, Dailyburn, and Crunch Live are a few available options.

Walk Of Life

When it comes to treadmills, they’ve become very archaic at the gym over time. Fortunately, this year will see a strong resurgence of these walking machines. Gyms have been busy creating programs based around treadmill workouts. Select gyms are 100% treadmill only, including New York City’s popular Mile High Run Club.