In 90% of families today, at least one parent is busy working. Stay at home parents try their best to keep the household together. With so much time apart, both parents might find themselves in a war of words. These five fights are very common in these kinds of situations.

No Questions, Please

There’s nothing better than coming home after a horrendous day at the office. For your partner, they’ll immediately lunge at you with queries about your day. This doesn’t really help calm your nerves after you step inside the place. While that person desperately needs human interaction, it’s best to tell them to tone it down a bit.

Taking Care Of Business

Many times, you might find yourself getting better job opportunities. Having a bigger paycheck normally means needing more time to focus on your work. Sometimes, you might bring some home to finish in between dinner and rest. Your partner might see this as you shutting them out of your life. To show them you care, simply be invested in their interests. If they’re passionate about cars, go with them to a car show.

Making Some Room

Work can easily suck the life out of you in an instant. When you come home, you’re simply not in the mood for anything but sleep. Your partner could see the relationship morphing into the roommate type. In order to save your marriage, simply set aside dates for some quality time together.

That’s What Friends Are For

Having work friends is very important to functioning at a hectic workplace. Following a rough time at the office, you’ll often hang out with them at the bar. Your partner can go into a fit of jealousy since they’re not seeing you as much. It’s best to let them know about your work friends and how much they mean for your sanity.

Busy Being Busy

If one parent is busy working, they’ll assume the other is taking care of the house. Many times, this isn’t the case. The other person in question might have responsibilities of their own that needed addressing. Have quick talks about the day’s agenda so you don’t feel surprised later on.