Wedding days are normally one of the most nerve-wracking days of our lives. For brides, it can be downright chaotic trying to get everything perfect. After it’s all over, certain wives have mixed feelings about the whole process. These ladies discuss what they wish they did differently on that life-changing day.

The Gift Of Love

“I did not register for gifts. I wish I had!”

At every wedding, friends shower the married couple with gifts. In order to discover what they’d want, couples will open up a wedding registry online. Without one, many guests will bring what they believe works best for the beloved couple.

Worth A Thousand Words

“I would’ve been more selective with a wedding photographer.”

While guests will use smartphones for photos, married couples want the finest photographs possible. Hiring a strong photographer for the job can be a hassle, though. To find someone suitable, check out their online portfolio of wedding pictures. Doing so can save you trouble when it comes to those important moments.

Looking Their Best

“No question: I would have hired a proper hair/makeup artist.”

Many times, the bride will save some cash by having a friend do their hair and makeup. The end result isn’t always flattering. Spending a few extra dollars for the perfect look is worth it for your special day.

Simple Yet Effective

“Our wedding was beautiful, and there’s not much to regret except the size!”

Money isn’t a problem for those wanting the biggest wedding possible. In fact, the average wedding can cost around $30,000. Some people tend to go overboard with having themed weddings or other extras. A simple wedding ceremony won’t detract from the overall meaning on the day.

Let Them Eat Cake

“I’d customize my wedding cake.”

When it comes to wedding cakes, most couples don’t really think about making theirs stand out. Many local bakeries will offer a special deal for those tying the knot. Find something that defines the couple. For instance, if you both love racing, have some race tracks around the cake.