Pregnancy is a magical and beautiful process. However, there’s no denying the physical toll it has on the body — it’s an intense experience, to say the least!

Despite this, it’s not uncommon for mothers to be told they’ll be back up and running and back to ‘normal’ within six weeks of having the child. However, a new study suggests that most women take way longer than six weeks to recover from the ordeals of childbirth. Let’s explore this study in greater detail.

What’s The Latest?

Recently, Dr. Julie Wray, a researcher at Salford University in the UK, conducted a fascinating study. In the study, she interviewed various women at different periods after giving birth.

To summarize the results, Dr. Julie Wray believes her findings suggest that the typical six-week recovery period for new mothers is nothing more than a “complete fantasy.” Instead, Wray says that it can take as a long as a full year to recover from labor.

What Does This Mean?

It’s hardly surprising this research showed that it isn’t just physical recovery that’s required; time is also needed to recuperate from the mental ramifications of childbirth.

Women often feel pressured to get up on their feet as soon as possible after giving birth. Whether they’re getting back to work, getting on with household chores, or undertaking other social responsibilities, women often push themselves even though they aren’t feeling physically or mentally ready yet.

How Do Women Best Recover?

These findings suggest women’s recovery should begin in hospital. Years ago women spent a great deal of time recuperating in the maternity ward in addition to receiving helpful information on how to care for the baby. Some mothers would also opt to receive advice on breastfeeding.

These days, some women are discharged from their hospital beds as quickly as six hours after childbirth, quite a contrast from past practices and this study’s revalations. These turnaround times are unrealistic, and in some cases even put the health of mothers in jeopardy.