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What would you do if it was announced that everyone in your city was at risk for Ebola? If you’re a woman, you’re in just as much danger for another disease that is just as deadly. Women are more likely than men to die from a heart attack. Why?

Why Heart Attacks Kill Women

Statistically, women have heart attacks later in life than men. Naturally, the body of an older person does not handle a heart attack as well as that of a younger person. Heart attacks are a symptom of heart failure, which is caused by heart disease. Women have higher rates of both heart failure and heart disease than men, which correlates with more severe heart attacks.

Women are especially susceptible because they can experience entirely different symptoms of heart attack than men, making the crisis more difficult to identify or treat.

Different Genders, Different Symptoms

The textbook symptom for heart attack is chest pain, but women experience other symptoms. Women are more likely to have pain in the arms, jaws, and neck. There can also be stomach symptoms, such as nausea, pain, and vomiting.

A woman is more likely to experience tightness or pressure in the chest than outright pain. These symptoms can either come and go or last until the heart attack. Women have been reported to mistake their heart attack symptoms for other illnesses, such as flu, food poisoning, or indigestion.

How To Protect Yourself

A key way to preventing heart problems is to watch your numbers. Unhealthy weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol levels make a person more at risk for heart problems. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, omega 3 fats, and fiber improves heart health.

Knowledge is power. Make better decisions today for a happier, healthier tomorrow!