Women are shaving their face now. Beauty bloggers swear that it’s a great method of exfoliation, but some women are still afraid that shaving their face might unleash their inner werewolf. If you’re going to shave, you need to do it the right way.

Prepare Or Beware

When you shave, layers of skin can be stripped away, cuts can happen, and any debris on your skin is going to get scraped around. To prevent problems, you need to start with a clean slate by washing your face first. It’s best not to use any products with any kind of exfoliating beads.

Your skin will be exfoliated anyway by the process of shaving, and any leftover beads will irritate the skin when your shave. After you’ve got a fresh face to work with, make sure you’re using the right products.

Save The Razor For Your Legs

Many body lotions say not to use them on your face, and the same principle applies to razors. The same razor you use to shave your tough body hairs will wreak havoc on your delicate face.

Never use a razor made for men on your face. Men’s razors are made to hack through terminal hairs, which are rugged and only grow on men’s faces. Female faces only produce vellus hairs (aka peachfuzz), which are much softer. Find a shaving tool that is specifically designed for the face of a woman like Gillet’s Venus Tropical disposable razors.

Why Shaving Won’t Make You Grow A Beard

Shaving won’t make facial hair grow back thick and course because women grow vellus hair instead of rough terminal hair. Terminal hair will only grow on a woman’s face is she has other preexisting health problems, and this would happen with or without shaving.

Shave away, ladies!