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Nicole Renae via Facebook

An only child

As an only child growing up in Washington County, Pennsylvania, Nicole Grimes would sometimes get lonely. She longed for a friend in her home to care for.  

Nicole, young girl, wants a dogNicole, young girl, wants a dog
Nicole Renae via Facebook

Her parents were skeptical, but Nicole had her mind made up — she begged and pleaded for a puppy. But a puppy is a big responsibility. Even so, she was willing to take on the challenge.

She got her wish

On her 10th birthday, her dream came true, and Nicole’s grandmother gifted her a puppy. Nicole was ecstatic. The dog was perfect.

puppy, little dog, Nicole, Chloepuppy, little dog, Nicole, Chloe
Nicole Renae via Facebook

A Pomeranian-Poodle mix, Nicole’s puppy Chloe was loving and loyal. The pair were practically inseparable. Whenever Nicole would enter a room, Chloe was never far behind, always on her heels.

The breed

While Pomeranian-Poodles — or Pomapoos, as they’re often called — are affectionate, loyal, and gentle, their small size can make them less than ideal for young children. Toy-sized breeds are vulnerable to roughhousing and can be accidentally injured very easily.

Pomapoo, Pomeranian-Poodle, Pomapoo, Pomeranian-Poodle,
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For that reason, the breed is usually recommended for adults and children over 12 years old. Was Nicole too young to know how to treat such a delicate dog?

Taking responsibility

Even at a young age, Nicole was conscious of Chloe’s small stature, and always took special care not to harm her dog. Chloe appreciated her owner’s care, and loved her as only dogs can.

Nicole, young girl with dog, ChloeNicole, young girl with dog, Chloe
Nicole Renae via Facebook

When Nicole would hold Chloe in her arms, Chloe would lick her face in a display of love and affection. “She’d lick your face forever if you didn’t stop her,” Nicole remembered.

But soon, tragedy would strike.

Friction began to build

While Chloe was loyal, intelligent, and sweet, she was also very loud. Slight disturbances would cause her to start barking. “Chloe was very yappy,” Nicole admitted. For four years, this was only a minor inconvenience. But that was about to change …

Home office, working, tough jobHome office, working, tough job

Nicole’s dad changed jobs. His new position required him to work from home, turning a room in their house into an office. The nature of the work prevented him and his clients from suffering any distractions. There had to be absolute silence.

A tough decision

“He was told we couldn’t have any pets … We had no choice,” Nicole recalled. “I was just a kid, so I obviously didn’t have any choice in the matter. It was heartbreaking. I didn’t want to get rid of my dog.”

Chloe, poor dog, shelter dogChloe, poor dog, shelter dog
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With no options remaining, they were forced to give up Chloe to the local humane society. The family was optimistic that Chloe would find her forever home. Still, Nicole was inconsolable and heartbroken.


“I just felt so sick and sad about it,” Nicole said. “I thought I’d never see or hear from her ever again.” Even though it hurt, Nicole couldn’t stop thinking about Chloe.

holding dog, Christmas, Nicole and Chloeholding dog, Christmas, Nicole and Chloe
Nicole Renae via Facebook

“As the years went on, I always thought about her. I once called the humane society to try to find out what happened to her, but they couldn’t tell me anything. So, I never knew.”

Married with children

The years went by, and the 14-year-old girl soon grew into a woman and met the love of her life. The couple decided to settle down and start a family of their own.

family, funny picture, togetherfamily, funny picture, together
Nicole Renae via Facebook

Soon after, the young couple got wonderful news: Nicole would be giving birth to a baby girl! After they welcomed their daughter into the world, Nicole felt like their home was still missing something.

Dogs bring joy

It wasn’t just that Nicole missed having a dog in her home. She remembered how much joy Chloe had brought into her life at a young age, and wanted to be able to do the same for her daughter.

family, children, want a dogfamily, children, want a dog
Nicole Renae via Facebook

Nicole and her husband talked about it for a long time and finally decided they’d adopt a puppy for the family. But the universe had other plans …

A crazy coincidence

While scrolling through Facebook, Nicole came upon an interesting post. One of her Facebook friends shared a status from someone who had a senior dog that needed to be re-homed. Though she’d wanted a puppy, something about this dog piqued Nicole’s interest.

together, husband and wife, Nicoletogether, husband and wife, Nicole
Nicole Renae via Facebook

She was shocked to learn the dog appeared to be the same breed as the puppy she’d once owned as a little girl. Even stranger, the dog had the same name. It all seemed too serendipitous to pass up. “On a whim I said I’d take her in! I just had this feeling,” Nicole wrote.

Visiting for the first time

Nicole messaged the person and expressed her interest in meeting and possibly adopting the dog. Shortly after, Nicole visited this person’s home to take a look at this senior dog. When Nicole met the new Chloe, it was like being transported back in time.

senior dog, another Chloe?senior dog, another Chloe?
Nicole Renae via Facebook

The Pomapoo rushed to greet her and shower her face with doggy kisses. “She just ran up to me and started licking my face,” Nicole said. “As the day went on, all these characteristics just reminded me of my old dog.”

She became suspicious

It all seemed a little too perfect. The behavior was all too similar: “She just kept hugging me. I was crying — it reminded me so much of my Chloe,” Nicole said.

dog hug, Chloe, Nicole, adopteddog hug, Chloe, Nicole, adopted
Nicole Renae via Facebook

Nicole began to seriously consider the idea that the two Chloes might actually be one Chloe, just eight years older. “My whole family thought I was nuts,” Nicole said. “Everybody thought I was crazy.”

They sought out proof

Nicole was certain that her “new” dog was really the same Chloe she’d had as a child. It seemed obvious to her by the way the senior dog behaved much the same as the puppy she once knew. “I just knew in my heart this was my Chloe.” Still, no one believed her.

Pomapoo, Chloe, good dog, little dogPomapoo, Chloe, good dog, little dog
Nicole Renae via Facebook

Then, Nicole’s mother remembered something — something that would either prove her right or wrong, once and for all: They had microchipped Chloe 12 years ago, shortly after they’d adopted her.

The moment of truth was approaching

Nicole and her mother called their old vet’s office to retrieve Chloe’s ID number. Next, they went off to their new veterinarian to learn the truth. In the car on the way, Nicole’s heart began racing.

kiss, Chloe, dog, adoptedkiss, Chloe, dog, adopted
Nicole Renae via Facebook

Could this really be the same dog she’d loved as a child? Or was that just what she wanted to hear, so she had convinced herself? She was about to find out.

They had their answer

At the vet’s office, Nicole waited nervously while the technician scanned Chloe. Sure enough, she had a microchip. Next, they’d see if the numbers matched. Just as Nicole had expected, they did — proving she had adopted the same dog she’d first taken home 12 years ago! The reunion was even more touching considering Nicole’s grandmother — who had first given her Chloe — had recently passed away.

reunited, same dog, Chloe, Nicolereunited, same dog, Chloe, Nicole
Nicole Renae via Facebook

“I literally felt like I’d won the lottery,” Nicole said. “It was just the best feeling. I thought I’d never see her again.” So this mystery was solved — but there was still another: How did this happen?

Chloe’s long road back to Nicole

Shortly after Nicole’s family had surrendered Chloe to the shelter, she was adopted by an elderly woman who had her for many years. When the woman passed away, Chloe was re-homed once again.

bow, dog, Chloe, reunitedbow, dog, Chloe, reunited
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Her new caretaker took to Facebook to find a permanent home for the senior dog that had been through so much. That’s what brought Chloe and Nicole back together.

Best friends reunited

As for Nicole, she couldn’t be more thrilled to have her Chloe back. “I’m so happy to have her back,” Nicole said. “I get so excited to come home from work to see her each day. This is just the best thing.”

together, reunited, holding dogtogether, reunited, holding dog
Nicole Renae via Facebook

It probably goes without saying, but Chloe seems just as excited to be back with Nicole. “Chloe is happy. I think she knows now that she’ll be with me forever.”

Another unlikely story about a dog finding her way home

If Nicole and Chloe’s story wasn’t enough to make you believe in fate, this next tale will surely convince you.

Monica Mathis and her dog Hazel were practically inseparable until one terrible day. Monica came to check on the 4-year-old terrier mix she’d briefly left in her front yard with her leash tied to the fence.

dog on couch, Hazel, good dogdog on couch, Hazel, good dog
Monica Anne Mathis via Facebook

Monica’s heart dropped to her stomach. Hazel was gone. Frantically, Monica and her children began searching anywhere they could imagine.

It was no use

First, Monica checked at her local shelter. When she learned Hazel hadn’t turned up, Monica started canvasing her Iowa neighborhood, putting up signs and knocking on doors to try and find her lost friend. 

Hazel, dog on stairs, lost dogHazel, dog on stairs, lost dog
Monica Anne Mathis via Facebook

When no one had seen her dog, Monica became more and more desperate, calling shelters miles away from her home, just in case Hazel had somehow traveled a long way. But she had no idea the lengths to which her dog must have gone.

She had to move on

Though Monica was heartbroken, when the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, she slowly lost hope.

Eventually, an opportunity arose that Monica couldn’t refuse. A new job would bring her north, from Iowa to Minnesota.

profile picture, random photo, lost dogprofile picture, random photo, lost dog
Monica Anne Mathis via Facebook

Three years went by, but Monica couldn’t help but get tearful every time she thought of her lost friend. She never imagined that they could ever be reunited. But soon she’d find a clue in the most unlikely place …

Meanwhile, in Florida …

Motorworks Brewing, a craft brewery in Florida, had a clever idea for their new beer promotion: Why not use their beer to help animals in need? Manatee County Animal Shelter planned to build a new facility “for our less fortunate four-legged friends,” and Motorworks Brewing had the perfect solution to raise funds.

dogs, cans, adopt a dogdogs, cans, adopt a dog
Motorworks Brewing via Facebook

The cans in their Cruiser Kölsch beer 4-PACK would each feature a picture of an adoptable shelter dog. Proceeds would go to the animal shelter, and the cans would likely help the canines find their forever homes.

Social media to the rescue

Over 1,000 miles away, Monica happened to be browsing her social media feed when she came upon a post about the brewery’s promotion. A dog on one of the cans immediately caught her eye.

comment, Facebook, dogs on beer canscomment, Facebook, dogs on beer cans
Motorworks Brewing via Facebook

Could it be? It seemed impossible that Hazel could have traveled that far across the United States, but Monica was convinced it was her lost dog.

Providing proof

Monica knew she had to act fast. She didn’t want to lose this opportunity to reunite with her best friend. Monica commented on the Facebook post, “This is my dog.” She also posted pictures of her and her kids with Hazel, who the shelter had been calling Day Day.

dog, Hazel, puppydog, Hazel, puppy
Monica Anne Mathis via Facebook

The shelter requested veterinary records to confirm. “I was a little hysterical because I was scared someone was going to adopt her at that point or something,” Mathis told WWSB. “I was scared I was gonna lose her again. I was really nervous. I was, like, shaking. I was crying.”

There was no doubt

Not only was Monica able to provide veterinary records, but the shelter was also able to prove that Day Day was really Hazel by scanning her for a microchip. Unfortunately, the microchip had been registered to Monica when she had a different last name. 

dog in the sun, relaxed dog, Hazeldog in the sun, relaxed dog, Hazel
Monica Anne Mathis via Facebook

When Monica changed her name after a divorce, she had forgotten to reregister the name on Hazel’s microchip and had gotten a new phone number after she’d moved.

Reunited at last

On Hazel’s 7th birthday, she was reunited with her mom and her family. The shelter was able to use some of the funds raised by the brewery’s promotion to send Hazel on the long journey to Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Monica and Hazel, together, reunitedMonica and Hazel, together, reunited
Monica Anne Mathis via Facebook

“Hazel found her pawrents!” Shelter Manatee proudly proclaimed on their Facebook page. Monica and her kids were even more thrilled to finally reunite with their best friend after three long years apart.

Of course, there’s still one mystery unsolved: How did Hazel end up all the way in Florida? As for the answer, your guess is as good as ours. We may never know, but at least Hazel is now exactly where she belongs.