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It’s been drilled into the minds of Americans that a glass of red wine a day is the modern miracle tonic. Supposedly, it can prevent Alzheimer’s and heart disease. But is it really safe to drink wine every single day? The jury is reconvening on that.

The Dangers Of Daily Drinking

While wine has been proven to have several benefits, alcohol increases the risk of cancer for two very important reasons. Alcohol causes inflammation in the body, and chronic inflammation can lead to cancerous cell growth. If wine is consumed every day, any inflammation that it causes can easily become chronic.

Folate is a very important vitamin that helps mitosis, the natural process of cell division. Alcohol impedes the body’s ability to process and utilize folate. When the body doesn’t have enough folate, cells only partially divide, which causes tumors and cancer.

The Flaw In The Studies

According to numerous studies, alcohol is beneficial for the heart, but are those studies reliable? Most of them have compared the overall health of people who drink a glass of wine a day with people who do not.

Poor people and former alcoholics are most likely to make up the groups who were compared to daily wine drinkers. Factors beyond wine drinking make those two groups more prone to bad health.

What Can You Do?

So what’s the final verdict? Wine isn’t a wonder drug or a lethal drug. Drink if you want to, but don’t force down a glass of wine with every dinner because you think you’re doing your heart a favor.

It’s been proven beyond a doubt that your whole body will benefit if you eat right, drink adequate amounts of water, get eight hours of sleep every day, and exercise regularly.