married men

Unsplash/ jonathan_francisca

You may have noticed this yourself, but married men are far more likely to consider themselves attractive to other women. There are numerous explanations for this phenomenon, and we’ve decided to explore them here in this article.

Married Men Are Sometimes Overly Confident

According to Marina Adshade, married men are more likely to feel a false sense of confidence which increases the chances of them misunderstanding social cues they receive from single women.

Sadly, this can lead to inappropriate behavior resulting in divorce. The men then find that as a result of their actions they’re left completely and utterly alone.

Does Socialization Play A Role?

Some believe social and cultural norms have a role to play in this. Traditionally, boys are taught to be over-confident, which then leads to fully grown men feeling an overinflated sense of entitlement.

In contrast, some women feel more comfortable speaking with married men because they’re taken, so in their minds,  there isn’t an issue. For them, they can relax without worrying about anything more than friendship transpiring. When you compare the two different approaches here, this can lead to a severe clash of intentions!

Self-Assessment Bias

This is a scientific phenomenon. Put simply, we’re not very good at accurately evaluating our capabilities. For example, home bakers often think their cakes are better than they actually are. Employees tend to expect a raise without putting in any extra time and effort or displaying unique skills or talents. Drivers occasionally overestimate their abilities. So, it’s not surprising that some married men follow this pattern and believe themselves to be more desirable than they actually are.

One suggestion explaining why married men are prone to inaccurately evaluating themselves lies in the fact that one woman has confirmed that someone found him desirable when he was on the dating market. Therefore, he’s more inclined to believe history will repeat itself.