If you’re not used to chopsticks, you might be confused on how they work. How can you possibly use two sticks to pick up your food and transport it to your mouth without dropping it in your lap? Here are some tips on how to use chopsticks the right way.

How To Hold Them

You want to start off by holding the chopsticks the right way. Doing so is going to increase your chances of using them the way they’re intended to be used. First, take one chopstick with your dominant hand and hold it like a pencil, about one third from the top.

Take the second chopstick and slide it into your hand, resting on your ring finger, holding it with your thumb and lining it up with the first chopstick.

Chopstick Etiquette

While each culture has their specific rules about chopstick etiquette, some rules span across all cultures. The biggest thing to remember is that chopsticks are only to be used for eating. Don’t play with your chopsticks.

When using your chopsticks, make sure you’re only using them for size appropriate food. In other words, don’t try to pick up a giant eggroll! Keep your food choices bite-sized. Done using your chopsticks? You can either place them on a chopstick rest or lay them across your bowl, depending on what country you’re eating in.

Chopstick Usage Variety

There are eating chopsticks that you use for only eating, but there are other kinds of chopsticks as well. Longer chopsticks designed for the kitchen can be used for cooking in a variety of ways.

They give you a lighter touch and better control over any delicate food you’re cooking than other tools you may have in your kitchen. Once you get the hang of using chopsticks to eat, you’ll find that not only are they easy to use, but you may prefer them over a fork!