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ashing your hair can be a chore. Not only is it time-consuming, but shampooing your mane probably isn’t doing you any favors, either.

No Shampoo? No Problem

Women have been adoption the “No Poo” movement for a while now, which in part is in response to just how annoying washing your hair can be. Products like dry shampoo have taken the market by storm, eliminating the need for many women to wash their hair as frequently. But, what happens if you stop washing your hair completely?

The easiest way to find out is to give it a go. Try three to four days without washing your hair and see how your body responds. If you start to develop redness or itchy scales on your scalp, wash up. If your scalp doesn’t give you any problems, consider letting your hair go natural for a few weeks. Here are a couple of positive changes you may encounter during the process.

Get Your Shine On

While shampooing does cleanse your hair, it also gets rid of natural chemicals in your scalp that work to make your hair shiny. If you forego washing, your hair will actually be given time to renew its own, naturally occurring oils.

However, your hair can’t evenly distribute these oils on its own. To maximize the shine, try using a boar bristle brush. This tool will help distribute the natural oils in your hair and avoid a greasy scalp.

Goodbye, Dryness

As your hair gets shinier than ever, it’ll also become less dry and brittle. This is because even the strongest conditioners can’t quite compare to how well your scalp already hydrates your hair.

By leaving your hair alone and ditching shampoo, it will be restored to its natural balance—leaving you with shinier, softer, more luscious hair.

While the No Poo movement isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone, it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to experience a total hair breakthrough!