Sleep is something we all do. It is vital to the function of every major organ, and getting the right amount can ensure you are feeling refreshed and ready for the day. It may seem like such a simple task, but it turns out your body is doing a ton of work while you snooze.

Dreaming Takes Some Serious Work

Your body goes through a lot before you drift off into dreamland. The first portion of sleep is not really sleeping at all, but somewhere in between drowsiness and slumber.

Your eyes start to move around and your muscles begin to relax. What happens next may startle you—but it’s absolutely normal and very common.

You May Feel A Falling Sensation

Ever been woken up because you feel like you were falling off the face of the earth? It’s called a hypnic jerk, and it can be characterized by a feeling of falling or even slight twitches.

The second phase of your sleep cycle involves the temperature of your body dropping, your heart rate slowing down, and the slower brain waves. You may also feel disoriented or confused right before entering the second phase of sleep.

The Final Stage Is Crucial

The third stage of sleep your body enters before a final deep sleep is restorative. It allows your body to re-energize and restore cells, which allows your body to work as it should. Not to mention it helps you feel a lot better the next day.

It’s no secret that sleep is super important for our bodies to thrive, but did you really know how hard your body is working before you hit snooze? Better rest up, your entire life depends on it. And it turns out your body is really good at making sure a good night’s rest is possible.