The cable and internet industry is incredibly competitive, with brand-new businesses desperate for your attention every single day. The truth is, your provider is aware of this and they’ll do whatever they can to keep you on as their customer if their business is struggling with leads. But are you spending more money than you should? Here’s what cable and internet companies are hiding from you.

New Customers Matter More

For many industries, lead generation is far more important than customer retention. You may notice that you can get exclusive new customer offers at almost any cable provider. However, the offers quickly disappear once you’ve been with the company for more than a year. This, of course, depends on your internet provider, which is why you should always go with a service that also emphasizes rewarding its existing customers. 


Reputable cable and internet providers have a designated customer loyalty team that addresses issues of their long-term users. Through that department, you’ll be able to negotiate better deals, especially if you notice a competitive offer from another provider. Companies know the importance of word of mouth and for most, their policies allow room for reasonable negotiation of loyal customers. However, you may have to be persistent in your demands. 

Don’t Bother with Customer Service

A technician working for Time Warner Cable held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and had a very interesting opinion on customer service at his company. He claimed that customer service reps and technicians are always fighting due to customer service’s lack of troubleshooting knowledge. According to the Redditor, customers should always take what customer service says with a grain of salt and if there’s a connection issue, schedule a repair or a check regardless. 

And if you’re looking for better help, you should reportedly always ask for a supervisor to escalate the issue. This will make them take the matter seriously, rather than just brush you off with a vague answer. 

Save Money by Pairing Your Cable and Internet Service

You can save more than $1,000 over two years by pairing up cable and internet services, as long as you don’t accept offers to plans you won’t really use. Should you look to bundle up your cable and internet bill, it’s always best to speak to the company, especially if you’re a loyal customer. This may involve tweaking plans to your needs, so be prepared to do some negotiation to get the offer you’ll be happy to commit to for the next year. If your cable provider refuses to offer the bundle up option, it’s time to switch to an alternative that will. You may find that there are always cheaper options available, so don’t hesitate to leave in order to save more money.

Look for Skinny TV Bundles

No, it’s not a diet. It’s a bundle offered by various cable providers that helps you save money. With the arrival of on-demand streaming services, cable companies had to learn how to fight back while still retaining their customers. This is where the “skinny TV” bundles come in. They offer a lower number of channels at a reduced price in order to acknowledge the number of customers who prefer to use streaming devices but watch only a few favorite TV channels.

Skinny TV bundles have been on the rise over the past few years and with that, also came the rise of competitive pricing plans. Nowadays, you can definitely find a plan that not only matches your TV experience preferences but also your overall budget. If you’re looking to save money and spend less on your cable bill, skinny TV bundles are definitely worth checking out.

Cable Alternatives Are Getting More Popular

If you’re looking for a modern-day version of cable TV, you could save money by getting a live television subscription service instead. You’ll pay a fraction of a standard cable bill while still getting all necessary channels, on top of on-demand streaming features, and even channels with movies and TV shows. 

You can choose from single-channel and multi-channel options. There are plenty of plans and deals for your TV viewing pleasure. Most popular multi-channel services include YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV, while single-channel providers include HBO Now, Starz, and many more. 

With so many options to choose from, you must first ask yourself what it is that you like to watch. If you prefer to watch only a few TV channels and mainly stick to on-demand streaming, skinny TV bundles may be your perfect option. However, if you want a variety of channels available while still having access to on-demand content, a multi-channel television subscription service may be more suitable. Don’t forget to compare plans of your providers before committing to your contract in order to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.