Billionaires seem to make thousands of dollars every hour. With their bank account, normal things such as houses and cars cost virtually nothing in their world. To the average Joe, however, these prices are simply baffling. We take a look at how much billionaires spend to live on a daily basis.

Brand New Cadillac

In order to prove you’re a billionaire, you have to drive the fanciest cars. A Luxury vehicle such as a Bugatti will cost around $3 million. Insurance and taxes will wind up costing the owner around $200,000 per year. Billionaires such as Warren Buffet and Alice Walton have ditched fancy cars for cheaper vehicles ($50,000 and under) instead.

A Spoonful Of Sugar

When it comes to children, hiring the best nanny is important. You want someone that your children will feel comfortable around. Many nannies for billionaire families earn around $200 a day for their services. When Gwyneth Paltrow needed a nanny in 2011, she wanted one that played two instruments and knew three languages. It’s safe to say most billionaires just want someone that would love their kids.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Billionaires such as Vince McMahon and Richard Branson ride in style with their own private jet. In order to have it staffed and fueled properly, it would cost around $800,000 per year. That means getting across the country in a tranquil setting can cost them around $2,200 per day.

Take A Bite

Billionaires wouldn’t dare head out to public establishments like Applebee’s for their dinner. With their own personal chef, they’ll have some delicious meals waiting for them after a long day at work. A personal chef makes around $500 per day with bonuses thrown in for good measure.

Rock This House

You can’t be a billionaire without a fancy house, right? These extravagant houses go for millions on the market. When it comes to mortgages, many billionaires spent nearly a half million dollars a month. With the addition of maintenance and property taxes, that price may reach up to $750,000 every month.