The common ways to tell that you’re pregnant include missing your period, sore breasts or a wee bit of nausea. Did you know there are more ways your body speaks to you when you’re pregnant?

Here are five unusual signs you might be pregnant, even before you miss your first period.

The Coin Taste

Tasting metal in your mouth like you’re sucking on a penny is standard in the first trimester of pregnancy. The taste tends to fade as you hit the second trimester, so that’s good news, but why do you taste metal?

Many experts believe it happens because of the fluctuation in your estrogen levels, which controls taste. Eating foods with strong flavors can help with this problem.

Stock Up On Tums

During your pregnancy, you may experience heartburn. This wonderful side effect is due to other hormone going haywire while you’re pregnant— progesterone. The progesterone relaxes the muscles in your body. Unfortunately, that includes your digestive tract, and that can lead to indigestion.

Slowing down while eating and eating smaller meals may help with this issue.

Wait, Is That My Period?

Hormone changes are usually to blame for the unusual events happening to your body when you are pregnant. Spotting is no different. When you’re pregnant, your hormones are changing, and that fertilized egg is implanting itself into your uterus. These combined events might cause a little bleeding, which you could mistake for your period.

Dog’s Sense Of Smell

Although there is no apparent medical reason, a heightened sense of smell is an early sign you might be pregnant. Likely due to hormonal changes, surprise surprise, this sense of smell seems to tie into morning sickness. The faint waft of a scent that you may not usually notice now has you holding your nose and running to the bathroom. This side effect is a small sign you might be with child.

All Stuffed Up

When you become pregnant, your body’s hormones change, and your blood volume increases to ready for the new baby on board. When this happens, your mucous membranes dry out, which signals your body to produce more mucous. So, maybe you didn’t develop new allergies or catch a cold. If you’re all stuffy for no apparent reason, you might be pregnant.