The Mind Unleashed

Dreaming largely remains a mystery to everyone, scientists included. Why they happen and why they include a strange array of visual symbols are topics of speculation. Still, scientists have pinned down a fact or two about the nature of dreaming. Some of these facts are weird as can be, as you’ll see.

Men And Women Dream Differently

Male dreams tend to contain mostly men, about 70% in fact.  In women’s dreams, both genders appear equally. Also, men more often have dreams that include aggression, usually with male strangers. Women, on the other hand, have dreams in familiar surroundings with familiar people, and the interactions are typically calmer.

Blind People Experience More Nightmares

Twenty-five percent of blind people report having nightmares, compared to only seven percent of seeing people. Scientists believe the cause of this might be that the blind experience more danger regularly. Their dreams, then, could be a sort of practice for their waking lives, as a means of protection.

Babies Never Dream

Neuroscientists say that babies don’t dream. Instead, during REM sleep, babies use that time to build pathways and develop language skills. Aside from that, babies do not have the brain power needed for the creation of dreams. Generally, children don’t start dreaming until about age four or five.

A Drug To Keep Dreaming Exists

Some people out there are addicted to dreaming. They want to be dreaming at all times. For this, there is an illegal drug called Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a powerful hallucinogen that helps them achieve this goal. This drug is a synethic version of the chemical we naturally produce while we dream.

Premonition Dreams Are Real

Some dreams tell the future, though decoding which dreams will predict later events remains the challenge. Still, there are recorded cases of this bizarre occurrence. Abraham Lincoln dreamt his assassination first, many 9/11 victims had warning dreams, and there are 19 verified dreams of the Titanic disaster before it happened.