There are so many diet trends people love to try, including the keto diet, paleo diet, low-carb diet, and more. While it’s nice people are eager to lose weight and stay fit, some of these diets aren’t best for their health and wellness. Some are even considered “weird” by nutrition experts. That includes these five bizarre diet trends throughout history. We don’t recommend trying these diets, they’re not worth it!

Chew and spit

You should always chew your food thoroughly before swallowing, but some people take it to an extreme level. Chewing-advocate Horace Fletcher, also known as the Great Masticator, said we should chew our food at the rate of 100 bites per minute. His diet theory promises you can lose weight simply by chewing every mouthful to liquid and then you spit out any remaining solids.

Fletcher advised in his 1899 book, Glutton or Epicure, that this diet allows you to absorb fewer calories while still enjoying the tastes of the food. The diet forces you to focus on the food —thoroughly chewing your food. You don’t have to exercise while on the diet. Just chew the food between 80 to 100 times to liquidize it, spit out the remaining solids, and swallow the liquid. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Not everyone is convinced. Nutrition experts say this diet fad could be dangerous. It could lead to unhealthy eating practices. You’re spitting out essential nutrients your body needs. Chewing food to the point of liquidity and spitting it out can be unhygienic. Finally, experts claim forcing people to count the number of chews is more work than necessary. Just eat healthily and enjoy your food.

Just drink milk

Milk strengthens your bones and teeth, but it can also help you lose weight. Fitness guru Bernarr Macfadden shocked everyone in the early 1900s with his washboard abs. When he was asked to reveal his secret, he had one word for them: milk.

Following a period of fasting, Macfadden prescribed an all-milk regime he claimed restored his health, healed any injuries, and cleansed the body cells of “organic toxins.” For every 25 to 30 pounds of body weight, he would drink one quart of milk. He would drink as much as 28 cups of milk every day. Even for people who love milk, that’s a lot of milk to drink in one day. Nutritionists agree that milk is a vital food source for your body, but you shouldn’t only drink milk. While milk provides protein, fat, and carbohydrates, you wouldn’t get any fiber or phytonutrients with this diet.

Eating baby food

Yes, people are actually eating baby food now to lose weight. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson recommends eating 14 jars of baby food per day, followed by a light “grown-up” meal. Various celebrities have attempted the diet, including Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, and Reese Witherspoon. While we usually want to try fads inspired by celebrities, eating orange mush isn’t that appetizing. Nutritionists don’t recommend this diet. Baby food lacks essential fiber for adults. We need fiber to strengthen our digestive system. Chewing food also helps you feel full and when you’re eating pureed, “mushy” food, you miss out on this important step in the eating process. Instead, you’ll end up feeling hungry after just a few hours. Skip this diet and simply eat a nutritious meal. Save the baby food for the ones who really need it: babies.

Drink more lemonade

Originally created in the 1950s by Stanley Burroughs, the Lemonade Diet is a 10-day plan to remove toxins from the human body and eliminate junk food and alcohol cravings. You don’t eat any solid foods. Instead, you’re recommended to drink just six to 10 glasses of lemonade (made from lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper) every day. In addition, drink a glass of salt water in the morning and take a laxative at night.

While the diet claims to boost your energy and provide enough nourishment for your body, not everyone is convinced it’s that beneficial to your health. Celebrities, including Beyoncé, Demi Moore, and Jared Leto, have tried the diet, but that doesn’t mean we should follow in their footsteps. There is no research that supports the belief that the diet removes toxins from the body. It could be a stressful diet to follow and it’s not balanced. You still need protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals for your body’s needs.

If that doesn’t convince you, Burroughs was eventually arrested and convicted of practicing medicine without a license. He was charged with murder for trying to heal a cancer patient with this special Lemonade Diet, in addition to using colored lights and massages to “soothe” her body. You don’t want to take advice from a convicted felon, do you? There are plenty of safe ways to have a body like Beyoncé without putting your body at severe harm.

Special K diet

This is a simple diet, made famous by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. His brother, Will Keith Kellogg, founded Kellogg Company. But John invented a diet, known now as the Special K diet, that is essentially a two-week challenge to consume Special K cereal as a meal replacement for two out of three main meals every day. The doctor believed the cereal would have enough fiber to sweep your guts clean. For two weeks, you’re restricting your diet, but health experts say this diet isn’t that beneficial.

Many nutritionists share the same question: Why not have a diet that is a long-term plan? After you complete the diet, you’re likely to resort to your old habits and gain back the weight you lost. In addition, Special K is known to be low in satiating fat and protein, so you’ll feel hungry more often. That’s not a positive aspect of the diet. Instead, focus on having a balanced diet and exercise.