If you have long hair, chances are you have worn your hair in a ponytail hairstyle on several occasions in your lifetime. You have also probably worn an elastic hair tie around your wrist. It’s easy and convenient, especially if you frequently exercise. But scientists are now saying this is a dangerous move to your health.

A Life-Threating Condition

Like many of us, Audrey Kopp probably didn’t think it was bad to frequently wear hair ties around her wrist. But when she noticed a large bump on her wrist, right where she kept her hair tie, she knew something was wrong. She visited her doctor, who prescribed her an antibiotic. The bump didn’t go away, and Kopp eventually went to the hospital. Doctors confirmed she had three separate bacterial infections.

Bacteria from Kopp’s hair tie got under her skin and through her pores and hair follicles. Thankfully, she was smart to seek medical advice, or she could have developed sepsis, a life-threatening complication of infections often resulting in death.

Your Hair Doesn’t Like Hair Ties

Hair ties are convenient for you, perhaps, but wearing a ponytail hairstyle is harmful to your hair. The hairline is the most sensitive portion of the hair. So, when you consistently tighten the hairline, this tension damages the hair follicles.

Your hair doesn’t like to be confined by elastic. It hates being tugged into a tight ponytail hairstyle, resulting in hair breakage and mild hair loss. Health experts recommend wearing a hair clip or trying a loose braid if you want your hair out of your face.

Hair Ties Cut Off Your Circulation

Wearing a hair tie around your wrist for a prolonged period of time could cut off your circulation and proper blood flow. A two-year-old girl nearly lost her arm in 2011 from wearing a hair tie around her wrist for far too long.

If you notice a red line around your wrist, you might be wearing the hair tie for too long. Take it off, put it in your pocket, and give your arm a much-needed rest.