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Fifty years ago, very few women would be caught dead without their bra when they slept. In our modern age of body positivity, more and more women are taking their bras off as soon as they step into their house. Is it dangerous to wear a bra to bed?

The Fight Against Saggy Breasts

Many grandmothers with good intentions have told the younger women in their families to wear a bra to bed to prevent their breasts from sagging. Is there any truth to that advice, or is it another old wive’s tale?

While some are concerned about sagging, many women with larger breasts also claim that going to sleep without a bra on is uncomfortable. Does wearing a bra to bed actually prevent sagging?

What Won’t Happen

Wearing a bra to bed will NOT prevent saggy boobs. Breasts begin to sag over time for two reasons- gravity and loss of elasticity. What comes up must come down. Try as we might, we can’t stop gravity.

Even if you never stretch a rubber band, it loses elasticity over time. Although pregnancy and huge changes in weight can alter the elasticity of breast tissue too, time will also render any pair of breasts saggier eventually.

What Might Happen

There is a subtle danger in wearing a bra to bed, but it is a danger that exists during the daytime too. If your bra is too tight, the circulation of blood and lymph fluid is restricted. Problems that are caused by decreased circulation, such as edema, breast cancer, and infections, will make breasts look way worse than they will after a little natural sagging.

While some doctors are more dogmatic than others, it seems pretty safe to wear a bra to bed. Just make sure it’s comfy and loose.