Whether you got it on a dare or got it in memory of someone, tattoos tell a story. The process of getting one done delivers more than just ink on your skin. It can change your daily life. Here are some unexpected things that can happen to your body when you get a tattoo.

Hurts So Good

There’s no way to get a tattoo without feeling some pain. Having needles dig in your skin for a long time isn’t for the weak. The most painful part to get ink is on the head. It might look cool, but you’ll have agonizing pain well after leaving the parlor.

Fade Into Grey

Looking to show off that brand new ink at the beach? Well, you’re going to run into a major problem. There’s the possibility of gaining a sunburn on a tattoo. If that occurs, your ink will start to fade. Having to shell out additional money to get it fixed isn’t fun.

Burning For You

Getting an MRI is a great way to determine what kind of problems your body is facing. With tattoos in the way, the procedure can be painful. You can get burned during the process. The problem in this scenario lies in what kind of ink is on your skin. Certain ink contains iron, which can lead to your skin become increasingly hot.

Erasing The Past

If you’re not feeling that tattoo you got a few years ago, laser removal is there for you. It’s as painful as it sounds, too. Hot lasers shoot through your skin in order to remove ink. Laser removal comes with its side effects, though. You can experience some swelling and redness on your skin.

Not So Immune

Your immune system won’t be pleased with that new skull tattoo. During your tattoo session, your body will start to release cortisol. This hormone can suppress your immune system for a brief moment under stress. Since getting a tattoo can be stressful, your immune system will basically shut down for a long time.