There comes a time when many families ultimately have their children share a bedroom. It can be a difficult transition for everyone involved. But there are more ways than one to help make the transition run as smoothly as possible. Follow these simple rules and your children will learn to be peaceful roommates.

Let Them Decorate Their Own Areas

Everyone has a different style. Just because your children are sharing a bedroom, it doesn’t mean they should have similar decorations.

Instead, let your children pick out their own decorations for their area of the bedroom. Encourage them to make their own decisions. It’s their personal space in a shared bedroom. They should decorate it however they want.

Their Schedules Can Be Different

If your children are sharing a bedroom, they don’t necessarily have to share a sleep schedule. This is especially true for siblings of different ages (toddlers sharing with older siblings, babies sharing with toddlers, etc.). An older sibling wouldn’t want to go to sleep at the same time as his/her younger sibling. Honor that sleep schedule.

Once you put the younger sibling to bed, use that extra time in the evening to have some one-on-one time with the other child. Take a longer bath, read a few extra books, etc.

Let Them Work Out Their Arguments

There are bound to be a few arguments between the siblings. After all, they’re sharing a bedroom and they’ll be near each other all the time. Allow them to work out the arguments on their own, at least in the beginning. Of course, if it gets too heated, you have the authority to intervene. But if it’s a simple argument over a toy, let them figure out how to live together.

This new living arrangement will get easier for everyone. Once your children adjust to the new arrangement, things should return to normal.