With the right planning and attitude, early retirement is possible for nearly anyone. What’s more, getting ready for early retirement does not mean you don’t get to enjoy your life in the present. Here are five simple ways to be happy in the now and still retire early. You’ll definitely want to take notes here.

Get Rid Of Debt

Having debt almost certainly makes early retirement an impossibility, especially if your investment is in something whose value quickly depreciates, like a car. Try not to accrue much debt it if you can help it. If you already have debt, make it a priority to pay it off. Retiring early becomes much easier when you have no financial burdens and only have to spend on your present life.

Save With Automation

Saving becomes easier and more streamlined when you don’t have to manually transfer your money to your savings every month. Automation means you don’t have to be disciplined. You can set up your money to transfer automatically to savings through things like payroll deductions, or even through your banking website.

Invest In Yourself First

Fund your future before paying your bills. If early retirement is your priority, saving should come first, after all. Society and “budgets” has taught us to live in the reverse fashion, paying other people or entities first, but that’s not a lifestyle for someone who wants to retire early. Get that money in your retirement account, and then pay what you need to pay.

Embrace True Minimalism

Contrary to what many people believe, living as a minimalist does not actually mean living with the bare minimum. It just means living with less, living within your means. It means figuring out what is really important to you and not letting consumerism get the best of you and your finances. Possessions can turn into a burden when you accrue too many of them anyway.

Find Your Passion

Have you thought about what you will do once you retire? That will be an awful lot of time on your hands, and if you don’t plan (at least a little bit) how you will occupy that time, you might find yourself lacking purpose in life when retirement comes. Find what you are passionate about and turn it into a lifestyle. It’s not about money, either. It’s about enjoying the free time you will have in a way that makes you feel full of life.