Nobody ever said getting into a relationship was going to be easy. While many of them last forever, a majority will fall under pressure. Whether you’ve been together for six months or two years, some things will test your strength. These five signs can lead to you calling it quits.

My Friends Over You

It’s always important to make time for friends. What happens if your significant other spends more time with companions than you? This behavior can be attributed to them simply not wanting anything to do with you anymore. If this is persistent, ask them why they’re devoting so much time with others. If they try to tip toe around the question, you’ll know something is up.

Not So Sweet Dreams

It’s not rare to have dreams of your lover. If you start having dreams about being with someone else, things may be in trouble. There’s a great chance you’ve lost interest in your partner a long time ago. It doesn’t hurt to talk about this with them, but it’s best to simply walk away.

Talk To You Later

A great sign of a relationship is constant communication between partners. Being able to talk about anything can put your mind at ease. Things will being to look bleak when those heart to heart talks turn into delayed text messages. It can get worse when those hour long conversations transform into small talk at home.

Looking For A Fight

Finding a couple that hasn’t fought is like finding a needle in a haystack. What could signal the end is the amount of fights going down. Having multiple fights a week isn’t healthy for a lasting relationship. The context of the fights can spell disaster as well. Quarrels about meaningless things can push you further away.

The Joy Is Gone

There’s nothing more lovely than spending some time with your significant other. Things may be over if being with them doesn’t fill you with the same joy anymore. This doesn’t mean you can’t give it one more chance before ending things. Book some time together doing something you’ll both enjoy.