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When your body does something irregular, it might be trying to tell you something important. Diagnosing yourself with a fatal condition based on a Google search is probably not the best way to handle it, and neither is ignoring the issue. Hopefully, nothing serious is going on, but if any of these five things happen to your body, you should probably get it checked out.

Losing Too Much Hair

It’s normal to lose a bit of hair sometimes. However, noticeable hair loss can indicate something is wrong. Hair loss can be a sign that your metabolism isn’t working properly or that your circulation is too slow. It can also signal more serious issues like an autoimmune or thyroid disease. In any case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. See a doctor if you’re losing too much hair.

Abnormal Pain Post-Workout

A hard workout can make anyone sore, but if the pain is too intense or lasts too long, you may have seriously injured yourself. While an injury certainly isn’t convenient to fitness goals, ignoring an injury could cause permanent damage. If it seems something is not right with your body after a workout, check in with a medical professional just to be sure.

Purple Knuckles

Knuckles that are purple or inflamed might be an indication of dermatomyositis, which causes muscle tissue to swell and discolor due to a decrease in collagen. Dermatomyositis is a condition that generally happens as a result of autoimmune issues caused by things like lung, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers, or non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

Weight Changes

If you notice a sizeable weight gain or loss that you didn’t intend on, it might be a result of some unhealthy habits that are caused by a mental health issue. Stress and depression are common causes of both over and undereating. If you’re a culprit of either of these behaviors, your coping habits might benefit from some changes that could leave you in a much better place.

Feeling Tired All The Time

Tiredness is normal, but when you experience constant tiredness, your body is likely telling you something is up. Feeling tired right after sleeping is a particularly strong sign that a more serious issue might be at play. It could be an issue with your thyroid or somehow related to your diet. Either way, chronic fatigue is not healthy. Check in with a doctor so you can get back to your normal self.