The key to looking your best after age 40 is to revamp your look and adapt to your changing body. It’s simply a matter of learning how to accentuate your assets and downplay your problem areas. Any woman can look sexy after 40 if she is careful and smart. Here are a few tips for looking your best after a certain age.

Check Your Neck

Unlike the face, you can’t really put makeup on your neck and it’s a problem area for many older women. Disguising it is easy, though. Try a popped collar, pretty scarf, or even a turtleneck to hide the loose skin. Longer, unique necklaces can also draw attention away from the neck if you do it right.

Black Is The New Black

For most women, their bottom half is a problem area no matter how much time is spent at the gym. Light colored pants or skirts emphasize short or chubby legs. Dark colors minimize flaws and lengthen the shape, especially on shorter women. Add a colorful top to complete the effect.

White Lends a Heavenly Glow

Many French women have long known this trick: white flatters the older face, lending it a soft glow. A white blouse or scarf, for instance, softens the face and minimizes lines. Try pairing a white blouse with a dark skirt or trousers. Don’t have white? Even soft pastels look better than dark colors next to the face.

Avoid Trends

Very trendy clothes come and go quickly. When a woman over 40 wears the latest trends, she tends to look ridiculous or misguided. Although legs can be an asset, it’s usually best to avoid the micro miniskirt or the bare midriff. Focus instead on classic clothes with clean lines—preferably clothes that are tailored to fit well.

Prints and Patterns and Stripes, Oh My

Prints and patterns should be used carefully. The wrong print can make an older woman look dowdy or be simply unflattering. Gaudy or large prints (big flowers or bold stripes, for example) are particularly troublesome. Stick to smaller prints that coordinate with the pants or blouse, for example. Striped shirts are always classic.