There’s nothing worse than a patchy beard. If you’re suffering from this issue, you’re in the right place- believe it or not, you too can grow a full and bushy beard. You’ll just need to dedicate yourself to grooming and maintaining your facial furniture.

Stimulate Hair Growth

To stimulate the growth of beard hair, you need to live an all-around healthy lifestyle. This means eating a proper diet (full of protein, iron, and vitamins), staying hydrated, exercising, and sleeping a full eight hours each evening. Doing all of this helps to ensure your beard receives the nutrients it needs to grow thick and sturdy.

If you want a helping hand with this, there are plenty of supplements you can take. Including vitamins B and C in addition to flaxseed and Zinc. These supplements are all said to increase hair growth. However, don’t expect any overnight results, you’ll have to take any of these supplements for at least a couple months to feel the full effect.

Work With What You Have

You can fill patches in your beard by leaving the hair surrounding the thinner area to grow slightly longer to cover and style over these barer spots.

You shouldn’t use an electric shaver at home until you’re happy with the final style of your beard. Instead, use scissors to trim the flyaways to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Use The Right Products

Beard oil is an absolute godsend. When you apply this, you’ll gain so much more control over your beard hair. So if you’re using the method described above, utilize beard oil to help you cover any patchiness- it should lock your chosen beard style in place all day.

If your beard hairs are particularly stubborn, use mustache wax. This should be applied sparingly otherwise your hair will boast an unusually shiny hue.  Plus, it might look unnaturally rigid, which frankly looks worse than a patchy beard!