Unsplash/ @jblesly

There are billions and billions of people in the world, but the search for happiness is something that unites us all. Many of us have pondered whether there’s a key to living a blissful life. Well, we don’t claim to have a magical solution — but we do have a new perspective to put to you. Let’s dive in.

Stop Relying On Stuff Outside Of Your Control

It’s human nature to base our happiness on things like friendships, relationships, wealth, possessions, etc. This can quickly lead to a downward spiral full of sadness and disappointment because all these things are out of our control.

No, we’re not saying you shouldn’t care about the things we’ve listed. Instead, they shouldn’t ever be the sole source of your happiness.

Only You Can Make You Happy

Now we know this sounds cliche but bear with us. It’s imperative you cultivate a sense of happiness and acceptance within yourself before you’re able to enjoy all the other stuff.

The key to doing this is asking yourself: “What will make you happy in the moment?”. When we let our emotions guide our actions, we’re so much more likely to be happier with our life.

What Feels Better?

When you need to make a decision, start asking yourself— what would make me feel happier? For example, snapping at coworker because you’re tired and frustrated or giving them a calm, helpful response? Or, forcing yourself to exercise when you’re already exhausted or allowing yourself to curl up with a good book? You get the idea!

Trust your gut on these situations; it usually won’t lead in the wrong direction. We need to stop rationalizing ‘the right thing to do’ and just feel it.  How can you ever expect to be happy if you don’t allow yourself to be guided by the things that bring you joy in your everyday life?