Since we were children, we were taught that vegetables are good for us. Unfortunately, our parents hid a big secret from us. Not all vegetables were created equal. Some can cause more harm than good when devoured. We look at five vegetables that can cause a riot in our system.

Cabbage With A College Education

Cauliflower will often be thrown on our plates amongst other vegetables. While it looks innocent, this vegetable is horrifying for those with allergic reactions. Upon digestion, those people might suffer from problems such as breathing problems and itching. Cauliflower also features purines, which can produce kidney stones if enough is eaten.

Potato Head Blues

Potatoes have been the source of several great meals in our lives. Unfortunately, this vegetable can hinder your blood sugar. Potatoes are packed with carbohydrates, which is also found in milk, soda, and bread. In fact, the Harvard School of Health discovered that a cup of potatoes affects our blood sugar as much as a soda can.

In A Snap

Snap peas are rarely seen on the kitchen table, but many families still serve it. These peas can cause a tremendous amount of abdominal cramps. While they’re filled with vitamin C, being in pain simply isn’t worth the vitamins. If you’re still craving peas, simply use green or split peas in your meal.

Don’t Get Canned

For many people, canned tomatoes are a cheap and simple way to get food done. Due to packaging, this can lead to several problems. The chemical bisphenol-A is featured in cans, and enough can ruin natural hormones. Head over to the produce section to purchase some fresh tomatoes instead.

Choke On This

Artichoke is probably best known for being a peculiar pizza topping. Unfortunately, this vegetable is bad news for those with gas problems. This issue stems from the fiber known as fructans. A select amount of people are actually allergic to artichokes. Accidentally throwing this in a meal may make things difficult for them.