Trip Savvy

The term “all-inclusive” does not mean the same thing everywhere in the world. In some places, you get more, and in others, you get less. Depending on the country, getting an all-inclusive might actually cost less than staying elsewhere, which is a great reason to go for it aside from the convenience factor. Here are five countries where getting an all-inclusive hotel is your best bet.

United Arab Emirates

Even though there are some food extras you have to pay for (like lobster, for instance) and the alcohol is not all-you-can-drink at an all-inclusive hotel (drunk people get cut off), it’s still worth it to do the all-inclusive in the UAE. Why? The amenities and comfort will be absolutely divine, and the service as well. Overall, staying at an all-inclusive here will likely be less expensive than getting a standard hotel and dining out.


Alcohol is generally not included in Tunisian all-inclusive packages, and you only get three to four meals per day, all buffet style. Still, with all the entertainment options and packages for excursions, not to mention the high cost of dining out playing tourist, the all-inclusive hotel is the recommended route.


Typically, all local alcohol is free at Egyptian all-inclusive resorts, except for the in-room mini-bars. They also include three daily meals, tons of entertainment, sunbeds on the beach, and some even include gyms and spas. On top of that, leaving the hotel is not recommended for tourists in Egypt, depending on where you are from. That’s why getting an all-inclusive here is likely the right option.


Between the variety of entertainment, parties, and amenities for children and adults, all-inclusive resorts in Turkey are where it’s at. The nice ones even have giant water parks. Plus, there are scheduled buffets, 24-hour room service with high quality food, and free local alcohol. Staying at an all-inclusive in Turkey ends up being less expensive than the alternative.


At all-inclusive hotels in the Maldives, you get three meals every day plus additional snacks at the bar. Some provide the option of going to restaurants outside the hotel with pre-ordered meals. Alcohol is also included throughout your stay, as well as tons of entertainment options and fun excursions. Without an all-inclusive package, you’ll be spending a lot more money here.