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Quick notes

• Fingers can bring bacteria to your pores.

• Banana peels can be used to shrink pores.

It’s Saturday night, and you’re getting ready for a hot date. You have the perfect attire ready. You’ve been working on your dance moves. You’ve also been practicing the weird trick you can do with chopsticks and chewed gum. When you take one last look in the mirror, you notice something on your face. At this point, your joy turns to sadness. Pores have appeared on your face, and this isn’t a mini-vacation for them.

Seeing a slew of pores on your face can lead to two things. You can either cancel the date or just show up wearing a paper bag. While the paper bag may make you look mysterious, those pores will still be kicking around days later.

Without removing these pores, you’ll be stuck with some noticeable looks from people at the store. Fortunately, there are several solutions to naturally rid your skin of these horrendous openings.

Put those fingers down

You might find yourself unintentionally touching these pores. Unfortunately, touching your face can make things worse. The bacteria left on your fingers can work their way onto these pores. Over time, the bacteria will grow and clog these areas. Instead of pores, they’ll transform into acne, which can be a nightmare depending on your age.

Touching pores can also lead to bleeding and potential scarring. If you had to tell someone how you got that wicked scar, the real story would disappoint them. To avoid having to buy more skin cream, don’t lay your fingers on your face.

Department of Defense/Senior Airman Justyn M. Freeman

When it comes to cleaning the face, the country is divided. More than half of people wash their face before going to sleep. The same percentage are uninformed about how to properly wash their face. Washing your face is crucial in getting rid of pores. While you should wash it a couple times a day, doing it at night is more beneficial.

As the day progresses, we get small traces of gunk landing on our faces. Leaving that gunk on your face can lead to clogged pores. If you wear makeup, washing your face before bed is a common practice.

Some help from the kitchen

Aside from the usual cleaning, food can be used to help reduce those pores. Nothing beats drinking a glass of milk before heading out to work. Instead of drinking it, throw some oats in it and spread it on your face! Mix one tablespoon of milk with two tablespoon oats together in a cup. When the mix is ready, place it on your face until it dries. For a few minutes, rub it on your face like it’s cream.

Done eating a banana for breakfast? Don’t toss the peel out just yet! You can rub the peel against your face for 15 minutes before washing it. For best results, rub your face with a banana peel twice a week.

Touching pores can also lead to bleeding and potential scarring. To avoid having to buy more skin cream, don’t lay your fingers on your face.

There’s also the classic cucumber method. Placing several cucumber slices around your face does more than cut down pores. It makes those pesky wrinkles and sunburn disappear in no time, too.

While food is a phenomenal solution, water is also important. Water intake in the country is at its all-time high, but most of it isn’t pure. Only one-quarter of the country drinks water; the rest get their fill from foods and sodas. Even though you’re still getting water in your system, there are downsides from getting it through other means. Eight glasses of water daily can destroy toxins in your pores and give you smooth skin.

With many choices, you’ll make sure those pores pay. They’ll think twice before trying to get between you and a night on the town.

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