Did you know, as many as 70% of people in the U.S. are unhappy with their lives? That’s an overwhelming amount of sadness and we want to change that.

Why Do We Feel So Blue?

There are plenty of reasons people feel down about their lives. Unsurprisingly, finances are a massive strain on our mental health. The stress of trying to make ends meet when you’re living pay check to pay check can be an emotional drain.

There are also tons of other reasons we may feel dissatisfied with our lot in life: dysfunctional relationships, illness, lack of direction, etc. The key to improving our state of mind is to identify what we’re unhappy with and tackle it head-on.

How Do I Turn My Life Around?

Sadness is often the result when we waste our time, money, and energy. You need to use these precious gifts wisely to live the life you want to lead.

Remember, you’re responsible for your own life. You might not know it, but usually, you hold the solutions to your problems.

Hate your job? Start applying for new ones.

Want better friends? Go out, and start making new connections. Join a club, take a course, or whatever else floats your boat. Start meeting new people and widening your social circle.

Is your partner making your life miserable? Communicate with them, and work it out. Or, leave them. You have the strength to go it alone.

Do you understand where we’re coming from? Put simply, you need to ask yourself what’s making you unhappy, and take action!

Any Other Advice?

In addition to directly tackling your issues, there are a few other things that will generally boost your mood. Dedicating time to exercise and eating well can both have a positive effect. We all have busy lives, so schedule your time well to factor this into your routine. It’s the only way to make healthier habits.

Trust us; by getting proactive about your happiness, you’ll feel a new sense of empowerment and enjoy a better life because of it.