Everyone knows women love guys with a good sense of humor. However, there are plenty of other traits that make men attractive to women, and some of them are pretty surprising. If you’re listening guys, you might want to take notes before heading for the gym. These five qualities are statistically shown to make women more into a man. 

Where Are All The Narrators?

If a man is good at telling stories, women will likely find him more attractive. It may seem like an odd thing to be attracted to, but there seems to be reasoning behind this. Historically, men who are good storytellers have a higher social status because it allows them to have more influence over people. More influence means more power and resources, both of which have clear evolutionary advantages.

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

Who would have thought men with glasses would be more attractive to women? Well, it’s true. A University of Stockholm study confirmed it years ago. Glasses say to women that a man is intelligent. Whether he’s actually intelligent is another story, but the guy with the glasses will get the girl more often than the guy without. For women, brains win over brawn, as it turns out.

If He’s Taken, She Wants Him

Men who are taken are more attractive to women by a longshot. One study even showed that 90% of single women found a man in a relationship more attractive than a single man, while only 59% found the same man to be attractive if they found out he was single. If he’s with someone else, he’s probably kind and faithful and all that other good stuff, or so women believe, apparently.

You Know What They Say About a Man With a Big Garden

Get your green thumbs ready guys, and the women will come running. A man who gardens tends to get more women than a man who doesn’t. The reason for this could be that gardening takes patience and nurturing, qualities that women like in a mate. Strangely enough, it has been found that men who garden at least 30 minutes per week are actually better in bed, too. Perhaps women can sense this somehow.

Guys, It’s Time To Get A Dog

Speaking of things that showcase a man’s good qualities, let’s talk about man’s best friend. A man who owns a dog shows that he is capable of being committed to and taking care of another being, which women think is sexy. It may also indicate a certain kind of dominance which women have historically found attractive in men for evolutionary reasons.