We hate to break it to you, but you have been tying your shoelaces wrong your entire life. If you learned how to tie shoes with the “bunny ears” technique, scientists are now claiming in a new report that this is not the most effective way to tie your shoes. In fact, you’re doing more work than necessary—all because of this specific reason.

Shoelaces Coming Loose

Have you ever wondered why your shoelaces come loose, no matter how many times you retie them? You bend down, tie them with the “bunny ears” technique you learned in kindergarten, start walking and look down to see the shoelaces have come loose. You might even trip when stepping on the laces.

Scientists state in a new report that the “bunny ears” technique is not a tight knot, allowing the knot to come loose after 15 minutes of walking. The impact of your foot hitting the ground, the motion of your shoe in the air, and the force of the free ends of the laces swinging in the air force the knot to come loose every time—and much faster than any other knot.

A ‘Granny Knot’

Scientists have classified the “bunny ears” knot as a “granny knot,” specifically because it’s a weak knot. It’s not as strong and tight as other knots. In an experiment, scientists studied a group of individuals walking on a treadmill. Within just a few minutes, the shoelaces became loose.

“What was remarkable to us was how fast it happened,” said study co-author Oliver O’Reilly. So, how should we tie our shoes?

Tie A Strong Knot

Scientists have found a better way to tie your shoes and don’t worry, it’s easy to master. All you have to do is tie a strong knot. This is accomplished by crossing your right lace over the left. Then, pull the left lace through the loop you created underneath. Make a loop with both laces. This might sound similar to the “bunny ears” technique, but this is where things change.

Instead of bringing one loop “behind the tree,” reverse the trick and bring the loop around the front before pulling it through. That’s all it takes! You’ll have a stronger and more effective knot. You’ll never again have to worry about retying your shoes every five minutes.