Anxiety is a horrific sensation that most people will experience at least once in their lives. While pathological levels of anxiety that impede with daily life are best examined by a professional, milder and nonpathological forms of anxiety can be alleviated with relatively easy remedies. Some people have even claimed that anxiety can be alleviated within ten seconds using a method that is not only easy, but free.

What is “The Palace of Anxiety”?

There is a special pressure point on the center of our palms, roughly an inch under the base of our middle and pointer fingers, near the place where the lines on many people’s palms meet.

Acupuncturists refer to this pressure point as the “Pericardium 8″, or the “Palace of Anxiety”. The spot assists in the regulation of bloodflow in and out of the heart.

Turn Nervousness into Bliss

According to Kelly Baker, regional manager of the Spa at Equinox in New York City, massaging the Pericardium 8 has a strong impact on a person’s psychological state.

Apparently, it can cause feelings of bliss, pleasure, and tranquility for both the body and mind. Stimulation of this spot can draw awareness to one’s breath, assisting a person in inhaling and exhaling more deeply, which helps alleviate anxiety.

What to Do With Your Anxiety

In order to take advantage of this pressure point, it is advised to press your right thumb onto the Pericardium 8 of your left hand, before closing your left hand around your thumb. Maintain this position for ten seconds before repeating on your other hand.

This technique for anxiety relief derives from Shiatsu, which is a type of Japanese bodywork therapy involving the activation of pressure points to guide the transfer of energy (“Qi”) throughout the body. Of course, this technique is not a replacement for medical treatment if necessary. If anxiety levels become severe and pathological, it is optimal to see a doctor to discover what could be wrong, and how to recover.