Seek A Little Solace

Turmeric is that bright golden spice that comes all the way from India. It is delightfully flavorful, packed with healthy components, and also has uses beyond the kitchen. That’s right: turmeric used topically is also a great addition to your beauty routine. These five uses for turmeric should not be overlooked.

Juice Up Your Memory

Including enough turmeric in your diet on a regular basis has been shown in studies to boost your memory. If that were not enough, turmeric might even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Its ability to calm and avert nerve cell inflammation plus its antioxidant properties are behind this wonderful gift that turmeric has to offer to your brain.

A Face Mask For Queens

Including turmeric in your homemade face masks can provide many benefits to your skin. It has the power to reduce pimples and other blemishes, keep wrinkles away, and soothe inflammation. An easy face mask to concoct is simply using turmeric with yogurt and letting it sit on your face for up to 20 minutes. If you leave it on too long though, your skin might turn a little yellow.

Ease An Upset Stomach

It’s certainly not new news that turmeric helps ease an upset stomach. Since ancient times, people have known about and utilized this medicinal quality turmeric has to offer. A recent 2013 study confirms the accuracy of this as well. Take 500 milligrams of turmeric several times a day when your belly is aching to effectively relieve those pains.

Soothe Your Aching Bones And Joints

Because it is such an effective anti-inflammatory, turmeric can be used to treat swelling of the joints and sore muscles and bones. Those anti-inflammatory properties come thanks to the curcumin that turmeric contains. Anyone with arthritis should pay special attention here and include turmeric in their regular diet. Besides just easing the pain, turmeric may also prevent the problems from worsening.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Speaking of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory powers, it doesn’t stop at helping an aching body. Inflammation is also the cause of dandruff, so using turmeric on your scalp can get rid of those white flakes coming from your hair and ease the itching to boot. Mix together a bit of turmeric and olive or coconut oil and massage it right into your scalp before a shower.