hair grow

Whether you are recovering from a horrible haircut, or you’re just dying to have long hair again, waiting for your hair to grow can make anyone impatient. There is no miracle growth serum for hair, and it can realistically only grow up to a half an inch per month maximum. Still, if you are looking for ways to make your hair faster, there are some things you can do to speed up the process.

Regular Conditioning Will Work Wonders

Using conditioner every time you wash your hair can make it grow faster. From things like product and styling, it is natural for the ends of your hair to become thin and weak. Conditioner will keep your ends from sustaining too much damage by replacing lipids and proteins, leaving you with longer, healthier hair.

Snip Snip

Regular hair trims do not necessarily make your hair grow at a faster speed, but they do eliminate the need to cut unhealthy hair. Many times, split ends will travel up the stand and cause your hair to break. Trim your hair consistently, at least every three months, and you can prevent split end problems before they start. That way, your hair will get longer much faster.

Scalp Massages Are Multi-Purpose

A Scottish study says that massaging the scalp is a way to stimulate hair growth. Massages encourage circulation, which in turn will make hair grow faster. Massage with firm and even pressure on wet hair in the shower or dry hair any time throughout the day. The bonus is that if you get someone else to do the scalp massage for you, it’s pretty much the most blissful experience ever.

Omegas Are Your Friend

Make it a habit to include foods (or even supplements) with omega-3 fatty acids or vitamin D if you want speedy hair growth. As it turns out, vitamin D actually can even help you develop new hair follicles. The next time you’re at the grocery store, make sure to stock up on Greek yogurt, eggs, salmon, and sweet potatoes, and you will be like Rapunzel in no time.

The Gift Of Cold Water

No one is suggesting full-on cold showers, but ending your shower with a blast and rinse of cold water will help keep your hair growing at a nice speed. Moisture loss in the hair can be prevented by using cold water. It also helps to make your hair smoother, which will cause less tangles. Tangles create the need for excessive brushing, and that is not good for hair growth.