Many people say they want to travel more. It’s completely understandable why. In fact, Hans Christian Andersen once stated, “To travel is to live.” Unfortunately, life costs money and traveling costs even more. But affording travel is not always as impossible as you might think. Just check out these creative ways to get paid to travel.

Become a freelance writer, photographer, or influencer

If travel is something you will be interested in doing for a long time, you might consider starting a career as a travel writer or photographer. This can include work like writing for a magazine or blog post articles, writing for travel guides, selling photos to magazines, or putting stock photos up on websites for sale. While this can take a while to build into a livable income, if travel is your passion, it’s worth considering.

Similarly, becoming a social media influencer takes a lot of time and effort to build. If you can build it, however, the perks are great. From fat paychecks to free merchandise and travel, there are many benefits available to those who are able to make it big in this business.

Start an import-export business

Another unique idea is to become an importer of unique and exotic goods. By exploring the markets of the world, you can find one of a kind or small batch items that you can resell to folks back home. This takes a little bit more business knowledge to make work, but it can be an exciting way to make a living.

Work as a freelance tour guide

If you have a love for history and culture, especially in a specific place, you might consider working as a freelance tour guide. You can make a living, but it may be difficult to find work out of season. It’s not impossible though if you’re willing to follow the crowds and set up shop in different places throughout the year.

Work as an Au Pair

If you are under 26 years old, this might be a great option to consider if you are interested in staying in a single country for at least three to six months. It’s especially good for solo travelers who don’t enjoy always being solo.

As an Au Pair, you exchange part-time work in areas like childcare and light housework in exchange for room and board, pay, and language lessons. It’s like being an exchange student. Except, instead of being a student, you’re a nanny. If you like working with kids, this could be the perfect opportunity to travel the world and get to know interesting people. Just make sure to go through a legitimate program when looking for work.

Teach English abroad

Many places around the world, especially in Asia, are interested in hiring native speakers to work in schools as English teachers. Like being an Au Pair, it is recommended to always go through a legitimate program. Some programs only require TEFL or TESOL certification while others require at least a four-year degree. A Google search will get you started.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to earn money while abroad, check out this article from Business Insider. Alternatively, check with your company to see what positions might include travel as a part of the job description. Most large companies, especially international companies, have some positions that send people around the world on the company’s dime. Go ahead and apply.

Of course, you can always consider volunteering. You may not make any money, but you will be richer for it. Organizations like WWOOF or the Peace Corp offer opportunities for free travel in exchange for a time and labor commitment. There are many ways to travel the world. Whatever method works for you, get out there and live!