Remember when you were a kid and vowed that when you grew up you’d have the coolest house ever? No matter how far you’ve strayed from this dream, it’s never too late to get started. Here you’ll find a list of cool ideas that are guaranteed to deliver the coolest home on the block.

Bring The Beach To Your Home Office

Who wouldn’t love to work on the beach every day? While it might not be possible, this living room sandbox is the next best thing. Just arrange it in your home office space, play some beach waves on a sound machine, and knock yourself out. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting sunscreen.

Turn Your Kids’ Bedroom Into A DIY Playground

Ever wish your kids could get out and play more? Keep them both healthy and happy with this awesome indoor playset. You can either build this awesome playground in a spare room or make it into the world’s coolest bedroom. The playhouses on either end can also be used as beds. Get the free plans from Ana White.

Transform Any Room With This 3D Flooring That Will Mess With Your Mind

There may be no better way to turn a boring room into a stunning fantasy than this trippy 3D flooring. Whether you’re looking to turn your bathroom into an aquarium or your bedroom into a rainforest, rest assured it can be done. Check out more cool designs and possibilities at Bedding Inn.

Why Take The Stairs When You Can Take The Slide?

Whether you’ve got kids or are simply a kid at heart, what’s cooler than an indoor slide? Make your transport from floor to floor the highlight of your day by installing a slide on the side of your stairs. Not only will you have a ton of fun, you’re knees are guaranteed to thank you.

Put In A Transport System For Your Furry Friend

As many feline owners know, keeping indoor cats active is not always the easiest task. With an indoor cat transport system or bridge, you can keep your cat healthy and occupied all at once. Though this steampunk style kitty tube is super cool, you can also achieve the same effect with a series of shelves arranged at various heights.