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Many people don’t use toner because they have no idea why they should. It’s a beauty product that seems extra. However, it could be the difference between having clear skin or not, particularly for those who have naturally oily skin. There are many reasons to include toner in your skin care routine every single day. These five reasons might be the most important of them all.

A Little Extra Moisture Goes A Long Way

Keeping the skin nice and moisturized has several functions. It deters infection by not allowing it to crack, and it keeps the skin’s natural processes functioning as they should, preventing things like redness, breakouts, and other inflammation. Toner is an excellent way to keep the skin moisturized because many have ingredients that assist in binding moisture to skin.

Restoring pH Balance Gives Your Skin A Break

Lots of soaps, particularly the harsh soaps we use on our face for breakouts, leave the skin outside of its standard pH balance. Normally, our skin leans to the acidic side, landing anywhere between five and six on the pH scale. If the skin is out of that range, it has to work to return to where it wants to be, often creating unwanted oils. Toner solves this problem by quickly restoring skin to its normal pH balance.

Shrink Those Pores Down To Size

Large pores can be rather unsightly. Luckily, we can make our pores look smaller with the help of a little toner. All it takes is a tiny bit of toner on a cotton pad or ball. Wipe and blot the skin on your face gently with the toner. It will both get rid of excess oil and make your pores look a whole lot smaller.

Protect Yourself

Cleansing the skin is great, but it leaves pores open and vulnerable, allowing the opportunity for environmental contaminants to get in. Using toner will help to close your pores, thereby protecting you from harm. Even more, toner can remove the chlorine and minerals that are left on your skin from the tap water, providing that much more protection.

Get Those Ingrown Hairs Outta Here

Certain toners contain alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids, both of which help to prevent ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs on the face can lead to infection, not to mention they are not the most pleasant thing to look at. The simple addition of a toner to your daily skin routine could solve that problem before it begins.