Unsplash / Omar Prestwich

When traveling through the friendly skies, things come up that make our journeys less than ideal. From lousy airline food to unexpected turbulence, vacation travel can suddenly turn into a very uncomfortable trip. So how do we ensure our adventures away from home go as smoothly as possible? Read on for five of the best flight attendant tips to make your flight more comfortable.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Sure, you’ll look hotter in high heels or hunkier in dress shoes, but you’ll be sacrificing comfort to look good. Instead, wear comfortable shoes since your feet may swell once you’re up in the air. You can easily take them off for those pesky airport security stops, too.

Bring A Pair Of Earplugs

After you’re up in the air, a pair of earplugs will help drown out the airplane noise as you make your way to your destination. You’ll be able to sleep easier, too, since you’re no longer listening to your fellow passengers’ conversations or the baby on board who’s decided to exercise their lungs with an extended bout of crying.

Bring A Small Bag For Your Pockets’ Contents

Sitting for an extended period of time is a lot more comfortable without your wallet, keys, cell phone, spare change, and whatever else you put into your pockets. Bring a small bag to store all of these items during your flight. Place the bag in the pocket in front of you and you won’t have anything poking you whenever you move in your seat.

Stay Hydrated

The air inside the pressurized cabin is typically dry, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Most people order soda or coffee, but they’ll soon crash from their sugar high and will be dried out. Don’t be like those people; order water and ask for additional servings throughout your flight. You’ll be less irritable and more refreshed upon landing.

Follow The Golden Rule

We all know the golden rule, but in case you need a reminder, it’s this: Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you’re a kind and polite passenger, chances are a flight attendant will hook you up with extra snacks or even set you up with a better seat. Whether you’re on the ground or in the air, it pays to be nice.