Unsplash / Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Planning a trip is never an easy task. What are the most affordable hotels? How should you travel? When is the best time of your life to plan an elaborate trip? Many people decide to take gap years after graduation to travel. Or, they plan the trip of their dreams after retirement. Regardless of when you decide to travel, it should be made easy for you. Luckily, there’s a new travel website, Kind Traveler, that has all of the information available for you to plan the vacation you always wanted.

The mission behind the website

Professionals at Kind Travel recognize people love to travel, but they don’t always know how to plan their trips. That’s why the website, a Public Benefit Corporation, stepped up to be the first socially conscious ‘Give + Get’ hotel booking platform, designed to empower travelers to become a force for good. Working as both a travel guide and nonprofit organization, travelers give a $10 nightly donation to a local charity in the neighborhood they are traveling to, or to a favorite charity on the platform. As a reward for “traveling kindly,” travelers unlock exclusive hotel rates that can be booked directly with curated hotels and properties on the website’s platform.

How to book your trip

Kind Travel has made booking a vacation as easy as possible. To get started, travelers explore available hotels on the travel website. The website has various categories of travel destinations, whether you want to visit New York City, Belize, Italy, Costa Rica, Maldives, Colorado, or its newest available location — Sonoma, California. Once travelers select the hotel of their choice, they will directly book the ‘Give + Get’ option, where they choose a charity of their choice to give $10 per night. In return, they will get $10 off their nightly cost of the room. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

When to travel

People need to travel at specific times in their life. If you’re stressed, it’s okay to take a few days off to relax. Travel the world and explore new places. Kind Travel is an easy travel website that anyone can use, whether you have just graduated from high school or you’re ready to retire from work after 30 years.

For example, taking a gap year before college is becoming more and more popular. Who says you have to go to college right away? Taking a year off to travel and explore new places provides personal enlightenment, lifelong friendships, builds necessary skills, and introduces travelers to a variety of new cultures. You can also take a gap year after college, in which individuals choose to travel for a year before starting a stressful, time-consuming job. A gap year has been proven to provide more happiness, increase self-awareness, and boosts one’s self-confidence, maturity, and independence.

However, many people can’t take an entire year off to travel. Some prefer to travel the summer after they graduate college, go on a two-week honeymoon, or go on a “babymoon.” A honeymoon provides stress relief after planning a wedding for several months. At the same time, it also allows newlyweds to start their own traditions. A honeymoon sets the tone for a marriage, and Kind Travel has plenty of romantic getaway destinations for star-crossed lovers.

In addition, taking a “babymoon” trip is also important for a couple’s relationship. Recommended during the second trimester, couples should plan a week-long vacation away from home — just the two of them. Before long, they will be busy, tired parents. A babymoon is the last trip they’ll take as a family of two before their lives change forever.

Finally, we can’t forget the retired senior citizens who deserve a vacation. Traveling after retirement improves one’s psychological well-being, lowers stress levels, enriches relationships, breaks up the regular routine created while working, and creates a satisfaction about life, proven to be essential as one ages. You can travel for a few weeks or even six months. It’s up to you, but if you need to get started, Kind Travel has all the information needed to finally relax. On the plus side, you’re helping the world as you travel. It doesn’t get any better than that.