Humm Kombucha

Before you start chugging kombucha by the gallon, you may want to check the facts. Kombucha is commonly thought to be good for gut health. Sure, it’s a probiotic, but not all probiotics should be consumed in high quantities. Gut health is about balance. Don’t overload your body with booch! Here’s why it’s best to guzzle kombucha a little less often.

What’s A Kombucha?!

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from black tea, bacterial cultures, and yeast. It has been widely distributed in health food stores over the last decade. Proponents of kombucha claim that it is great for gut health.

As the brew ferments, it develops probiotic qualities. Probiotics are active bacterias that can help strengthen the gut lining.

Too Much Booch May Be Bad For Gut Health

Frequently drinking kombucha can upset the delicate balance of the microbiome. Gut health is heavily dependent on having the right ratio of bacterial strains. Kombucha is chalk-full of a few strains. Drinking a lot of kombucha can lead to a bacterial imbalance that weakens the gut lining. A weak gut lining can lead to a weakened immune system.

Kombucha also contains sugar and candida yeast. Too much yeast can also upset the microbiome. Sugar is fuel for “bad” bacteria that can overrun the microbiome and promote obesity.

Kombucha May Contain Heavy Metals

The fungus in kombucha is highly bio-absorbant. It can soak up nasty toxins like heavy metals that may be present in the brew. Finished kombucha products typically contain small chunks of the fungus culture.

Studies have found small amounts of lead and chromium in finished kombucha products as well as high amounts of fluoride.

Kombucha Is Outclassed By Other Probiotics

Humans started drinking kombucha centuries ago. Back then, it was one of the best options for probiotics. Today is a new age. There’s a long list of probiotic beverages and supplements that are better for your gut than kombucha.

Look for products that have a wide range of bacterial strains, no candida yeast, and little-to-no sugar. It’s okay to drink kombucha now and again, just don’t overdo it.