There’s always another news story about the latest thing that causes cancer or otherwise adversely affects your health. There’s always some friend who tells you why you have to stop eating such and such food because it has such and such chemical. Here are a few things you actually need to look out for.

Your Phone Is Making You An Insomniac

Using your phone before going to bed is problematic. The stimulation of processing information is counterproductive to falling asleep. Additionally, phones emit blue light, which affects the body’s melatonin levels. Sleep deprivation has been linked to cancer.  Put the phone down when you put your head on the pillow.

Never Ever Stop A Sneeze

Sneezes expel forceful bursts of air from the body. Suppressing a sneeze is a serious health risk. One man held his nose closed and closed his mouth to avoid sneezing, and he ruptured his esophagus. This may have been a freak accident, but do you really want to risk it?

You’re Cleaning Yourself To Death

Unless you’re a doctor, leave antibacterial products alone! Antibacterial products kill good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria is a part of the skin’s immune barrier, which protects you from the very germs you use antibacterial products to fight. Overuse of these products weakens the body’s natural defenses.

Put Your Feet Where They Belong

We all like to put our feet on the dashboard which riding in the car, but this can cause gruesome injuries in the event of a crash. The impact of an accident can push leg bones through the skull. These long bones are some of the strongest in the body.

You Are What You Eat

We eat way too much sugar. Excess sugar levels in the blood damages arteries, which causes circulation problems. Consistently consuming too much sugar leads to diabetes, which ruins kidneys. Excess sugar consumption also causes some cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Do your body a favor and watch what you eat.