A loving partnership requires high doses of respect, trust, and consideration. While you might not be meaning to hurt your significant other, some things you do may cause them to feel like their emotions are not treated as important. The problem is, it’s not always easy to recognize when you are being emotionally invalidating, but it’s worth it to pay attention. Your relationship will likely be a thousand times healthier if you aren’t accidentally putting your partner down.

Selfishness Is Not A Virtue

Acting selfishly can be quite common among couples whose interests are different. If you find that your main activities are one that you want to do, that might be a sign that you aren’t showing that you care about what they want. It’s not enough to say you care about what they want. You have to make time to do what they want as well.

Talking Over Them Is A Sign Of Disrespect

Listening is crucial in any relationship. That means not interrupting and not talking over them. When you interrupt, you are in a way saying that what you have to say is more important than what they have to say. If you find yourself behaving this way with your husband or wife, it’s likely they feel you are disrespecting them, and that can have negative consequences on your relationship in the long term.

You Can’t Solve All Their Problems, Nor Are You Expected To

Just because your partner wants to share a problem with you, does not mean they are always looking for your to fix it. Sometimes, they just need you to lend an ear. Constantly making suggestions for how to solve an issue might cause a certain amount of frustration for your spouse. Instead of assuming they want your advice, try asking questions first.

Over Teasing Is A No-No

Teasing is all fun and games until you cross the line. Too many “joking” insults or remarks can easily start to hurt, even if you don’t have bad intentions. Make sure you are focusing more on their great qualities rather than their negative ones. If you’re not, the damage you can cause could be hard to fix.

Don’t Ignore Their Parenting Decisions

Parenting is the job of both parents. So, when one parent’s decisions take precedence over the others, such as when the kids have to go to bed or how to discipline, that party will more than likely feel their ideas are not respected. The best way to co-parent is to make sure you are both on the same page, communicating openly and being willing to compromise.