If you’re on top of your general gynecological health, going to annual checkups and maintaining overall healthy sexual habits, you’re doing a pretty good job. That being said, you still might be doing some things that are not exactly what the doctor would order. Here are five of them which you can put straight onto your mental list of things not to do where the gynecologist is concerned.

Not Mentioning Important Things

Just because it might be embarrassing to talk about certain fluids or bumps, does not mean you shouldn’t bring them up to your gyno. You absolutely should. The same goes for waiting to talk about issues until your annual appointment. Even if an issue seems minor, it’s still worth it to bring it up when it’s happening. Not practices can be dangerous to your health.

Buying Vaginal Products That Are Completely Unnecessary

The body is an amazing thing, and that goes for the vagina too. There are so many feminine hygiene cleansing products on the market that are unnecessary because your body does that cleaning work all on its own. Using those products can actually disrupt the body’s natural processes and end up causing rather than preventing infections. Save your money and let your vagina be.

Never Douche

Just like those feminine hygiene cleansing products are unnecessary, so is douching. Your vagina has a natural way of douching itself so to speak, keeping its pH levels nice and balanced, as well as maintaining cleanliness. Spraying it with a harsh stream of water is not going to do you any good. Showering regularly is plenty.

Stop Apologizing For Petty Things

When you go to your annual gyno appointment without shaving your legs, know that your gyno does not care. There is no reason to apologize for that, so just stop doing it. Also, having your period is not a reason to apologize either, and it is especially not a reason to cancel and reschedule your appointment. It is rare that menstruation would cause a problem reading a Pap smear, and if you’re really worried about it, call and ask.

The Pull-Out Method Is Not, Has Never Been, And Never Will Be A Form Of Birth Control

If you’re set on not getting pregnant, your doctor does not want to hear that you’re exercising the pull-out method as a form of birth control. It is not a form of birth control, and if you’d like a real one, your doctor will be more than happy to provide you with a variety of options. Just a reminder: pre-ejaculate fluid can have sperm in it too.